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Medical Science Class


In addition to laboratory science classes, PBS-HSA students may take up to 3 years of Medical Science courses.  

Through the Medical Science curricula, students gain extensive exposure to a variety of health professions and acquire the practical skills necessary to engage with both their own health and that of their communities. In four years, students explore the impact that health and health-related professions have on both the individual and community.

Medical Science 1 works in tandem with the Homeroom speaker series, which introduces students to people who work in the health fields. Medical Science 2 steps back and looks at the larger impact of health by focusing on the impact professionals make through ethics, information collection and management, and health education. Medical Science 3 then focuses on putting theoretical knowledge into practice at on-site internships. Under the mentorship of real health professionals, students explore what health professionals do and how they address problems they face on a daily basis.