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Medical Training

PBS-HSA students are doing more than just learning about health services, they are becoming trained members of the health services community.  
CPR and First Aid Certification:
Each year, over the course of several P.E. classes, 9th grade students are guided through instruction on first aid assessment, injuries, medical and environmental emergencies, legal issues and CPR administration.  Students also take part in skills testing.  Working in groups, they are assigned a particular first aid skill to model for the class.  Training mannequins also enable students to test their CPR skills on adults, children and infants.  At the end of the training sessions, each student is required to pass a test in both areas.  The certification is valid for two years.  Students are re-certified during their junior year, prior to the start of their internships.
In a reflection assignment completed after one of the trainings, students shared their thoughts.  Below are a few excerpts from those reflections.
I learned that in stressful situations it is better to stay calm and get right to business.  The days we spent training for CPR were some of the most helpful days in class.  - Alexandra R.
A lot of people think it's easy.  Just because it looks easy doesn't mean it is.  That's why there is training.  - Jose F.
I learned in CPR that it is a privilege to help others. - Esmerelda L. 
HIPAA Privacy and Information Security Training:
Prior to their internships, all students will successfully complete a training course that will educate them on privacy, confidentiality, and security of protected health information. Upon completion HSA students will receive HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification from HIPAA Exams.