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2021-22 Visitor's Policy

The following policy information is for all visitors to schools except vendors and regular visitors. Please reference the following links for these policies:

  • Vendors should reference the vendor vaccination policy, which follows the requirements of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Orders . 
  • Regular volunteers (defined as more than one-time volunteers) should reference the volunteer vaccination policy. This policy is aligned with CDPH orders that all paid and unpaid workers must be vaccinated or receive a weekly COVID test.
  • Note, Alliance Mohan and Alliance Tennenbaum are co-located on LAUSD properties and must follow LAUSD rules. Please reference the vendor vaccination policy for co-located schools here and the volunteer policy


The safety and security of staff and scholars at every Alliance school is of the utmost importance.  Due to COVID-19, schools should limit external visitors to the extent feasible to promote health and safety on campus, and allow for proper contract tracing in the event of an exposure, per the below guidelines from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

  • Visits to the school by individuals other than staff and scholars are avoided whenever feasible. Parents of enrolled scholars are encouraged to conduct business with school personnel remotely when possible. 
  • Visitors to the school other than parents of enrolled scholars are limited to those who are essential for the school’s operation, determined at principal discretion (and does NOT require consultation with the COVID-19 working group). 
  • Visitors are by appointment only and are pre-registered in a visitor log that includes a visitor’s name, phone number and email address.
  • Visitors are instructed to come to their appointments alone. If a visitor must be accompanied by another person (e.g., for translation assistance, or because the visitor is a minor, or has minor scholars) their information is captured in the visitor log.
  • Movement of visitors within the school is limited to designated areas such as the reception or lobby area, offices, conference or meeting rooms, and public restrooms to the extent feasible.
  • Visitors must verbally attest that they will report to the school if they test positive for COVID-19 within five days following their onsite visit. Visitors must also attest that they have not been identified as a close contact within the previous ten days of their visit onsite. 
  • NOTE: If a visitor tests positive, their positive case will be reported to County Health officials by county mandate. 

In addition to the procedures outlined in the 2021-22 Visitor Policy all visitors must be aware of and comply with health and safety policies while visiting an Alliance school.


  • Make an appointment with the school prior to coming to campus. Consider conducting the appointment remotely if possible. 
  • Wear a face covering at all times while in the school whether they are vaccinated or not.
  • Practice social distancing where possible.  All in-person meetings should allow participants to socially distance themselves at least three feet where possible from another person or person(s) whether they are vaccinated or not
  • Conduct a self-symptom check upon arrival at the school whether they are vaccinated or not
    • Symptomatic individuals will not be permitted to be on campus (i.e. if temperature is below 100.4°F/38°C or they have any commonly identified COVID symptoms) .
    • Use the hand sanitizer provided when they enter the Main Office whether they are vaccinated or not
  • Restrict personal movement within the school to designated areas such as the reception or lobby area, offices, conference or meeting rooms, and public restrooms to the extent feasible

Contact Tracing

All visitors must cooperate with school contact tracing efforts in the event that they test positive by identifying any areas within the school where they were present and where they may have exposed an individual to COVID.

All visitors who are identified as onsite close contacts of an individual with a confirmed COVID case who was onsite must follow county guidelines and receive a COVID test upon being identified. This test may be administered on an Alliance campus if the visitor is present upon identification (if applicable) or off campus. 

Unvaccinated visitors must isolate themselves for at least ten calendar days following the date of exposure to COVID, without exception or option to break quarantine with a negative COVID Test result. Unvaccinated visitors who are identified as close contacts offsite will not be permitted to be on campus until the quarantine from ten days following the exposure is complete. 

Visitors will be expected to report by self-attestation if they are a close contact to COVID in a setting that is offsite from an Alliance school. (Note, the details of exposure offsite will not be requested unless absolutely necessary). Vaccinated visitors may still come to campus, but are expected to complete a COVID test and report if any symptoms develop in the subsequent ten day window.