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School Vision


Alliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy provides a nurturing, student-centered college preparatory environment in which all students will develop academic skills, advanced technical skills, leadership qualities, and self-advocacy that allow for their successful transition into college, careers, and adulthood.



At PBS-HSA, we strive to uncover and fulfill our purpose by actively engaging in the community, continuously growing academically, reflecting on our practice, and developing understanding through experience.



1)    Become College-Ready   

a.    Develop test taking, study, and organization skills

b.    Set and achieve pre-college goals

c.     Exceed A-G university entrance requirements

d.    Take PSAT, ACT, and SAT

2)    Gain Experiential Education

a.    Expose students to the health services and medical science

b.    Motivate students to pursue college degrees and motive students to consider health care related majors

c.     Gain professional skills related to technology and the health services

d.    Improve overall student achievement through the Work-Based Learning program

3)    Become Self-Advocates

a.    Gain effective communication skills

b.    Become problem solvers

c.     Become responsible and accountable for all choices and actions

d.    Become civic-minded leaders and activists