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Core Values

Alliance College Ready Public Schools Core Values

  1. EXCELLENCE. Members of the community are aware of and hold themselves to high standards. We act with a sense of pride when reaching these high standards and when discussing personal and academic achievements. We never settle for mediocrity and work toward continuous improvement.
  2. COMMUNITY. All stakeholders own and take responsibility for a shared sense of mental and physical safety, belonging, and acceptance. Our actions promote trust, support, collaboration, and professionalism between staff, students, and parents. We celebrate the successes and assets that each member brings to the community.
  3. ADVOCACY. All stakeholders are encouraged and purposefully asked to voice their ideas, concerns, support, and celebration of all aspects of the community. We seek and listen to all voices, especially the marginalized, and act upon what we learn to improve ourselves, our peers, and our larger community. We teach and support one another to embody our full strength and potential without disenfranchising others.
  4. GROWTH MINDSET. We seek out challenging opportunities and embrace them without fear of failure, because failure is another opportunity to learn and improve. Our strong sense of self stems from a belief that if we persist, we will get better at anything that we put our minds to. Reflection and our response to that analysis fuels our persistence and grit as we evaluate and plan next steps on our path toward improvement.
  5. EQUITY. We are respectful, inclusive, and accepting of individual lived experiences because we believe in the dignity and humanity of all people. We engage in the process of unlearning our biases, actively identifying and dismantling inequitable practices, and bridging gaps that exist within our community. We meet all individuals where they are and align resources to meet their individual needs.
The following core values are the foundational guiding principles that define PBS-HSA's culture.