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Professionalism 101: Navigating the University and Working World
Email Etiquette:
Email Address: Be sure you have a respectable email address. Your best bet is to have something letting your recipient know it is you. For example, or
You are all considered adults once you hit age 18. if you haven't created a professional email now is the time. You don't want a potential employer to throw out your resume because of a silly email address.
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Community College!

Navigating the Community College system can be challenging if you don't know where to start. Here are some FAQS about the CC that can help you or anyone you know that is thinking of the taking classes in Community College.

Do I apply only in the Fall?

No! What's great about Community College is that they have applications on a rolling basis. What's rolling basis? That means they accept applications at any time of the year with no fees!

Do I need a high school diploma to attend a CC? 

Nope! Community colleges have what's called an open door policy. That means they take students regardless of education level or background, so long as they are able to pass the Ability to Benefit exam. 

I didn't apply for FAFSA/DREAM Act by March 2nd, does that mean I can't get funding?

Not at all! Students can apply for the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver. If you qualify, that means you may have your tuition waived.What's also great is that CC students have until to September to get additional grants. Just remember the 2nd is the priority deadline. If you apply late, you will get what is left over in the pot for student funding. Best thing to do is apply early to get the most.

Remember, financial aid is on a case by case basis and no financial aid awards are the same.