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Wolves Boys Basketball topple Smidt Tech

Wolves Boys basketball had a strong victory against Smidt Tech with a 40-20 victory. The boys shot out to a strong lead with a dominant first quarter from our starting lineup. Senior Captains Damidre Tackwood and Chris "Dr." Fine offered vocal leadership to keep players hyped and organized. Throughout the game, the boys played solid defense and poised offensive play. Tackwood and Senior Jared Jones had several give-and-go plays for easy lay-ups. A small earthquake was reported from the animo gym due to the rowdy screaming and applause after Junior Benjamin Garcia sunk his pretty jumper. As a team, the Wolves played unselfish basketball— tallying countless assists in both the first and second half. Nearly every player on the team scored, but all contributed in some meaningful fashion. Thank you for the fans, teachers, administrators and parents who came to support the boys team. GET BUCKETS!