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Lee Escudero's Page


Hi! I'm Ms. Lee-Escudero and I am excited to be teaching Biology and Environmental Science this year. I'm looking forward to sharing with my students my curiosity, passion and sense of responsibility for the natural and physical world around us.

My family emigrated from Mexico when I was young and I grew up in Los Angeles, always surrounding myself with plants and animals. I attended La Sierra University in Riverside, CA where I majored in Biological Sciences. I was planning to be a field researcher until I dedicated a year abroad to teaching in India, and I fell in love with teaching. After graduating, I chose to spend a couple years to explore art, music, travel, and get some life experiences before entering the classroom. When I felt ready to take on teaching in LA, I obtained a Masters in Teaching in Secondary Science from USC. One of my most unpredictable and gratifying adventures thus far has been teaching!

I love traveling and learning new things about nearly everything under the sun! Most weekends I like hiking or going to the beach with my husband and our 2 dogs, messing around with my 2 cats, landscaping my new 55gal aquarium, playing guitar, gardening, and creating art.

I strongly believe that my students are part of the generation that will create wonderful changes in their communities and the planet. This thought by Marie Curie helps explain why I'm passionate about teaching:

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to who we think can be most useful."


Recent Posts

NatureBridge Yosemite Registration

NatureBridge must have a participant registration form for each person attending our trip. This form is filled out online and is smartphone compatible.** All registrations need to be completed by Tuesday night (1/22/19) !
Without a complete form you will not be able to participate in the program.
Please allow approximately 15 minutes to complete this form, linked below:
If can't complete it all in one go:
The form can be saved and re-accessed without a sign-in. Please click "Save and Resume Later" at the bottom of the page, then click "Save and Get Link" on the pop up, then save that link given to you. You can use this link any time within the next 30 days to resume answering questions on the form. Without the link, the data you have entered cannot be retrieved and you will have to start filling out the form at the beginning. (But you don't have 30 days, you have TWO days)
**If for any reason you are unable to fill out this form online, please reach out to me as soon as possible!

To do before class on Wednesday, 1/23/19

Hey Guys,
Just a reminder of what to study before your Population Unit test this upcoming Wednesday:
  • Complete ands review The Population Math worksheet. The answer key is attached.
  • Review your Population Workbook (from last semester)
  • Study the Population Review chapter from "5 Steps to a 5"
  • Study the Population Exam Review Questions (Posted on my page, as a separate post)
All the best studying!
Ms. E

Summer School Biology: Endangered Species Project

 Hi Students,
Attached is a file showing what needs to be in each of your 3 posters. (Click on the title above to open the file)
REMEMBER: The following needs to be done and ready to turn in on Monday:
1. Your Research Guide (Packet)
2. Your completed 3 Posters
3. "Humans and Biodiversity" packet
Please email me if you have any questions!
-Ms. E