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Hello, my name is Debbie Kim, and I am the English 11 and AP English Literature teacher. Once upon a time, I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia (go Tigers) with degrees in magazine journalism and U.S. history. After working as an assistant art director for some years, I attended UCLA (go Bruins) to get my master's in secondary English education.  

Of course, you can't tell much about a person from an online profile alone. Please feel free to write, call, or drop by.  If you bring your own mug, I can offer you some tea. For a quicker response and no tea, email me at



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Final Project Ages 0-Junior Year Requirements

3-6 Photos of Yourself from each different stage (0-5, 6-11, 12-junior year, senior year)
  1. Choose at least 3 from each stage that you want to use in your final project
  2. Make a digital copy (i.e. take a photo of the photos) of these photos and save them to your Google Drive English folder (ex. Lastnamefirst_Age1). You DO NOT need the hard copy afterward
3-4 Significant Moments from each stage that were key to the development of who you are now
  1. What was the event or moment?
  2. When did the event occur? (approximates are ok)
  3. What happened?
  4. Why was it significant? How did it change who you are today?
One Video Interview with 1-2 people that can tell you more about who you were at each stage. 
  1. Film your interviewee only. Any language is ok (but provide subtitles if not in English). UPLOAD to YOUTUBE.
  2. Possible Questions
    • What is your name, and how do you know me?
    • How long have you known me?
    • What was I like at this age?
    • What is one memory about me that stands out to you?
    • What does that memory tell you about who I am?
    • How would you compare who I was then to who I am today?
Historical Context
  • WITHIN THIS TIME FRAME of your ages (Ex. 0-5, 6-11, 12-junior year), create a list of five events. You must have one of each:
    • Politics/government
    • Major NATIONAL news story
    • Major INTERNATIONAL news story
    • Entertainment (art, books, music, movies)
    • Trends
  • Write a brief summary of the event and why it was significant during this time. Please include a link at the bottom for whatever source(s) you use.
      Henry Ford Becomes President (1996)

— Henry Ford was a car manufacturer and an entrepreneur who became president in 1996. His election to the highest office in the United States was significant because he radically changed federal business laws so that people who owned big corporations got away with much more. This oppressed the poor for many decades to come.

— WEBSITE (no Wikipedia, no “Google”)