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Mock Interview Prep » Mock Interview Prep

Mock Interview Prep

Our annual mock interview event will take place on March 8th. Juniors began a specialized mock interview curriculum through homeroom. Students will also have the opportunity to join our WBL Director for more targeted support during lunchtime workshops. Below you will find some important information to guide you through the process:
  • Juniors will only participate in mock interview preparation over the next two weeks. All other homeroom activities are reserved for other grade levels.
  • Each powerpoint contains enough material to stretch over 2 homeroom periods. Any additional time needed to complete work should be done during the workshops or on students' own time. (PPTs can also be viewed at the bottom of this page). 
    • Each powerpoint slide has facilitation notes for teachers
    • Please indicate whether a student is working on the item (IP) or if it has been completed (C). 
  • Resumes and cover letters are due February 25th.