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HOSA Conference

HOSA is a national competitive club that prepares students with health occupational skills. Our HSA students competed in the CPR/First Aid Training event, Medical Spelling event, and Medical Terminology event. We stayed at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel and competed against 5,100 students at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. In addition to the competition, the students went to professional workshops where they met with keynote speakers about being a doctor, applying for college, and public health awareness. They participated in Courtesy Corp, helping events and judges set up their competitions.
Cristina Miranda won 9th place in the Medical Spelling event! She was given an award above over 200 competitors and we are very proud of her accomplishments.
Some fun things we did during our own time were perusing through Target, eating in Downtown Disney, watching Divergent and swimming at the pool. Our students spent $$ at Starbucks.
The following students worked hard at California HOSA this year:
Brenda Barrera
Carlos Barrientos
Wendy Barrientos
Samantha Campos
Angel Castaneda
Jessica Espinoza
Adriana Garcia
Jacqueline Gongora
Brian Gramajo
Gabriela Medina
Cristina Miranda
Ivan Miron
Jesus Moran
John Nance
Antonia Pettis
Alexandra Rivas
Louis Solano

HOSA will be opening up for club membership in May. Please make sure you come to our orientation meetings!