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Free Summer Poetry Workshops

About Us


Get Lit is dedicated to bringing the power of poetic expression to at risk teens through a standards-based curriculum fusing classic literature and poetry with contemporary Spoken Word performance techniques. Get Lit’s programs are designed to boost literacy, foster cultural understanding, and encourage creative self-expression. By immersing teens in the world of great books (often for the first time), Get Lit equips students for future success in college and the workplace by building concise writing skills and dynamic public speaking abilities and a foundation of self-confidence.

Get Lit aims to empower youth to succeed by drawing connections between the emotions and experiences fuelling the work of classic writers to the complexities and struggles teens face in their daily lives. By igniting a love of language, teens are inspired to stay in school, become lifelong learners and thrive. Get Lit’s citywide Classic Slam is the first poetry slam to draw upon canonical works and spoken word responses. It’s huge popularity provides a model for inspiring teens throughout the country. Get Lit’s long term goal is to make it’s curriculum available for schools nationwide.

Words transform lives. Whether spoken, written, read, or performed — self-expression is fundamental to success and happiness in our society. Books provide a valuable resource and refuge for the human soul. Everyone should be provided with the tools to access all that books have to offer. Get Lit aims to fill the gaps where public schools have failed students in this area. It uses the oral expression of poetry and literature to bring words to life.