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On Saturday, March 20th, fifteen HSA students (GirlTalk! members) and five members of HSA's staff had the opportunity to attend the "Women for Kamala Festival"--an event in honor of District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is currently running for California Attorney General.  Located on the back lot of Sony Studios, the event celebrated the duality of both Women's History Month and, as "Newsweek" has cited, one of America's "20 Most Powerful Women".  The first woman to ever be elected to the position of DA in San Francisco, Harris's event recognized other women making waves of positive change in their respective fields. Our students and teachers alike were enamored with spoken word poet Gabriela Garcia Medina's eloquence and humor, actress Alfre Woodard's celebrity and so much more.

After getting henna tattoos, singing along to performances of Annie's "A Hard-Knocked Life" and enjoying some delicious food, the event came full-circle when DA Harris spoke about what she sees as an undeniable connection between public safety and public education (and the misallocation of funds and resources on both ends), which yielded applause, cheers and chants of "Si se puede!" from nearly every woman, child (and the occasional man) in the audience.  Right before leaving, DA Harris took pictures with HSA staff and students and had some words of wisdom for the girls: read something every day.  Few can argue with her position on that issue.

Visit our photo album for more pictures from this exciting day.