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Class of 2017



Welcome to your senior year! This is the last push to graduation and preparation for college. This page will be a great reference for you to remember deadlines and/or to use as a resource.


How to Reach Your Counselor:

  • Naviance emails- Keep your email in Naviance up to date because I will be sending out a lot of information regarding deadlines and opportunities for you.
  • Counselor appointments- You can register for counselor appointments on the school website.
  • Emails- You can reach me at this email Please remember that I may take up to 48 hours to respond and will not be available on the weekends.
Successful Tips
  • Check emails regularly! Make sure your email in Naviance is updated. Counselors and colleges communicate to you through email.
  • Pass all senior classes! Any fails may affect your high school graduation and/or college admissions. Even if you have been accepted to a college, colleges may revoke your acceptance if you fail certain classes.
  • Scholarships- Keep applying for scholarships! College is expensive and every bit of money helps.
  • Activate and check your college portals regularly- After you apply for colleges, they will email you about portal credentials. Make sure to check it often because they will slowly post things that you need to submit to complete your application.  



We will be using Naviance for college paperwork. Please make sure to always update your Naviance account and to check it regularly. Attached are directions on how to request transcripts and/or teacher recommendations.


What We Use Naviance For:

  • Sending transcripts to colleges
  • Requesting/ submission of Teacher Recommendations
  • Submission of Counselor Recommendation
  • Emails/ notifications of important news
Financial Aid
Please RSVP for a financial aid workshop by clicking here.


Items to bring to the workshop:
- student social security number (if applicable)
- parents' social security number (if applicable)
- parents' 2015 tax forms

Workshop dates:

(Students are expected to attend more than 1 workshop to complete the entire financial aid application.)
Saturday, October 15 @ 9AM-12PM CANCELLED
Tuesday, October 18 @ 4PM-7PM CANCELLED
Saturday, November 5 @ 9AM-12PM
Tuesday, November 8 @ 4PM-7PM
Saturday, December 3 @ 9AM-12PM
Tuesday, December 6 @ 4PM-7PM
College Applications
UC Applications
Monday, August 29 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Wednesday, September 14 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Monday, October 24 @ 4PM-5:30PM
CSU Applications
Friday, October 7 @ 11:00AM-12:30PM
Private/ Out of State Applications
Thursday, September 23 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Thursday, October 13 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Monday, December 5 @ 4PM-5:30PM
All Applications
Monday, November 7 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Friday, November 18 @ 4PM-5:30PM CANCELLED
Monday, November 28 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Tuesday, November 29 @ 4PM-5:30PM
Personal Statements
Thursday, September 22 @ 3:45PM-4:45PM *Brainstorming session
Thursday, October 27 @ 3:45PM-4:45PM *Editing session

Helpful Links:
  • UC Applications- Applications for Fall 2017 will open Aug 1. Deadline is November 30.
  • CSU Applications- Applications for Fall 2017 will open Oct 1. Deadline is Nov 30.
  • CSU EOP Applications- Applications will open after you submit a CSU application. Deadline varies depending on the school.
  • Common Application- Deadline for Fall 2017 applications varies depending on the school.
Helpful PowerPoints: