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Class of 2020

Class of 2020!!!
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!
I am so happy to have you all with us. I hope you're ready and prepared for a successful 9th grade year. It is imperative that you don't fall behind academically in your first year in high school, so know you can always come to see your counselor Mr. Gutierrez if you need anything. The link to make an appointment with Mr. Gutierrez is provided below.  
Things to Do
  • Please make sure you give Mr. Gutierrez in the counseling office your email. If you don't have an email, create an email. Throughout the year you will receive important emails regarding events, activities, and anything relating to school. Please get into the habit of consistently checking your email so you don't miss out on important information.
  • Log in to Naviance. Here is the link to Naviance Naviance is full of useful information about a wide range of topics including potential colleges, careers, and anything that will prepare you for life during and after high school.
  • Create a list potential college majors that you would like to pursue. It's never too early to research what academic areas of study interest you. 
  • Create a list of schools that you are interest you to find out if they fit the qualities you consider in a school. Find out their admission requirements, location, size, campus life, cost, retention and graduation rates, population and academic programs (make sure they offer the major that you are interested in pursuing).

  • Make a "Brag Sheet". Write down accomplishments, activities and work experiences. This will be an important part of your college and scholarship applications.

  • Sign-up for extracurricular activities. Consider clubs at school, leadership roles, or involvement in your religious group or community.


Make an appointment to talk to Mr. Gutierrez using this link.


Volunteer Opportunities

Please take this quiz as a close to Freshman Seminar.