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Class of 2018

Class of 2018 - Click here to learn more about our class and upcoming events! 



Things to Remember


  • Check your email regularly! Make sure your email in Naviance is updated. The counselors communicate to you through that email.


  • Pass all your classes! Any fails may affect your high school graduation and/or college admissions. Start strong! Turn in all your classwork, homework and projects. One missed assignment will start lowering your grade and affect your final grade in the class. 


 Google Classroom To Do List 


  • Update your grad check form-  Inform me if you notice any discrepancies. 


  • College major list- Start creating a list of the majors that you would like to pursue. 


  • College list – Create a list of schools that you are interested in exploring more in depth. Consider their admission requirements, location, size, campus life, cost, retention and graduation rates, population and academic programs (make sure they offer the major that you are interested in pursuing). 


  • Prepare for the ACT- You have been pre-registered to take the ACT in September at HSA during school hours. Create an account with


  • Sign-up for activitiesConsider clubs at school, leadership roles, or involvement in your religious group or community. Start your search here



Make an appointment to talk to Ms. Vasquez using this link.

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