Alliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy

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Core Values

Core Values

1. High Expectations for ALL Students

  • College-readiness for all students
    • Quality classroom instruction every day
    • A-G college preparatory courses with a C or better
  • How students learn best
    • Rigorous standards-based curriculum and instruction
    • Relevance through real-world applications
    • Students know expectations they are to meet
    • Students have ability to judge their own work
    • Students participate actively in classroom and talk about what they are learning
    • Authentic ongoing assessment and real-life application of their learning through projects
  • Integrated Technology
    • Access to technology for all students
    • Standards-based instruction which incorporates use of technology by teachers

2. Small, Personalized Schools and Classrooms

  • Personalized Learning Environment
    • Students know their teachers and are known as individuals by all adults in the school
    • Teacher load of 75 students per day
    • Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
    • Daily advisory
  • Small Learning Community
    • Maximum of 500 high school students
    • Smaller classes, student to teacher ratio
  • Safe
    • Student uniforms required
    • Closed campus

3. Increased Instructional Time

  • Increased Time for Learning
    • 190 regular days of classroom instruction
    • Extended school day
    • Extended supplemental learning time through after school tutoring and intervention programs
    • 2-hour, uninterrupted instructional periods

4. Highly Qualified Principals and Teachers

  • Principal Leadership
    • Capable instructional leaders
    • Entrepreneurs in managing resources
    • In-depth leadership training
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
    • Teachers know their subject field, are fully credentialed
    • Well trained to deliver rigorous instruction
    • Weekly professional development as a community of learners
    • Attend to the diverse needs of individual students
    • Work in small collaborative teams with common planning time
    • Accountability for student success is a shared responsibility
  • Accountability for Results
    • Principals and teachers accountable for implementing Alliance education model, core values, and achieving outcomes
    • Compensation incentives based on performance

5. Parents as Partners

  • Parents should be meaningfully and actively engaged
  • Responsible and accountable for supporting their child’s learning at school and at home
  • Understand what it will take to prepare their children for college
  • Support the goals of the school
  • Volunteer at school and attend school sponsored events, such as Open House, Parent Conferences, and Parent Academies, in an effort to support their child
  • Sign and support the Parent/Student/School Compact